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About SDIC

Who We Are

The San Diego Immunization Coalition (SDIC) has been active since 1991, making it one of the oldest continuously operating immunization coalitions in the nation. 

What We Do

Throughout the year, SDIC holds events such as monthly steering committee meetings, bi-monthly general meetings, bi-annual summits, trainings, and webinars.


SDIC partners with over 400 diverse organizations, including federally qualified health centers, government, WIC programs, hospital organizations, community clinics, health plans, universities, schools, pharmaceutical companies, and non-profit organizations.

Mission Statement

The mission of SDIC is to increase immunization rates and improve the health of the residents of San Diego County by raising awareness and providing education about vaccine-preventable diseases.


Formerly I-3, the San Diego Immunization Coalition (SDIC) has been active since 1991, making it one of the oldest continuously operating immunization coalitions in the nation. SDIC celebrated its 25th year anniversary during the Spring Summit 2016, with two keynote speakers: Dr. Sarah Royce, Chief of the Immunization Branch from the California Department of Public Health, and Dr. Richard Pan, CA State Senator who authored SB 277. 

2023 Steering Committee

SDIC Steering Committee members commit to one calendar year beginning January.

This advisory group helps the Executive Committee make thoughtful decisions for SDIC's biannual meeting topics, biannual summits, short- and long-term goals, branding, and other activities that support SDIC mission statement. 

If you would like to volunteer as an SDIC Steering Committee member for 2023 or even just to get involved less formally, please email

Meet Our 2023 Executive Committee




Greta Suydam, MPH



South Region

Public Health Center

Heidi DeGuzman, BSN




Nidal Naser

2023 Steering Committee Members

Past Steering Committee Members

SDIC Steering Committee 2020.jpg

2019-2020 SDIC Steering Committee.

L-R: Kelly S, Luanne A, Nikki W, Janice K, Luis B, Michael P, Greta S, Ruth K, Harrison B, Karina M, Tamara H, Samantha W, Eugene B

Not pictured: Andrew A


2017-18 SDIC Steering Committee.

Back row standing, L-R: Luanne A, Nikki W, Cheryl H, Tamara H, Samantha W

Back row sitting, L-R: Heidi D, Patty N (volunteer)

Front row standing, L-R: Luis B, two volunteers, Eugene B, Andrew G, Monica M

Front row sitting, L-R: Janice K, Kelly S, Greta S, Ida C

Not pictured: Harrison B, Karina M, Michael P


2017 SDIC Steering Committee.

Back row, L-R: Suzi B, Heidi D

Middle row, L-R: Luanne A, Kelly S, Harrison B, Karina M, Michelle D, Luis B, Andrew G


Front row, L-R: Nikki W, Eugene B, Lisa B

Not pictured: Heidi D, Janice K, Melissa T


2016 SDIC Steering Committee.

Back row, L-R: Farrah, Nikki, Heidi U, Luanne, Harrison


Front row, L-R: Flo, Heidi D, Heidi C-H, Eugene, Melissa

Not pictured: Kristina, Suzi

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