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If you have a need for a community presentation on various immunization topics related to adolescent and adult vaccines, you can request speakers from the San Diego Rotary's Don't Wait...Vaccinate Committee, one of SDIC's most active immunization partners.

The Don't Wait...Vaccinate Committee comprises of mostly medically trained professionals who are also members of various Rotary clubs throughout San Diego County. Since 1995, the committee supported immunizations among children and teens, such as a Saturday infant immunization clinics in Barrio Logan. It currently expanded its efforts to reach adults.

Committee members can conduct presentations in nonprofit organizations, classrooms, and other community settings. All presentations requests will be followed-up to determine purpose and feasibility before confirmation. Not all presentation requests may be accommodated.

Please complete the fields below to request a presentation. 

Thank you for submitting your request. A Rotary Don't Wait...Vaccinate Committee member will contact you to gather more details.

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