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Past Steering Commitee Members

SDIC Steering Committee 2020.jpg

2019-2020 SDIC Steering Committee

L-R: Kelly S, Luanne A, Nikki W, Janice K, Luis B, Michael P, Greta S, Ruth K, Harrison B, Karina M, Tamara H, Samantha W, Eugene B

Not pictured: Andrew A


2017-2018 SDIC Steering Committee.

Back row standing, L-R: Luanne A, Nikki W, Cheryl H, Tamara H, Samantha W

Back row sitting, L-R: Heidi D, Patty N (volunteer)

Front row standing, L-R: Luis B, two volunteers, Eugene B, Andrew G, Monica M

Front row sitting, L-R: Janice K, Kelly S, Greta S, Ida C

Not pictured: Harrison B, Karina M, Michael P


2017 SDIC Steering Committee

Back row, L-R: Suzi B, Heidi D

Middle row, L-R: Luanne A, Kelly S, Harrison B, Karina M, Michelle D, Luis B, Andrew G


Front row, L-R: Nikki W, Eugene B, Lisa B

Not pictured: Heidi D, Janice K, Melissa T


2016 SDIC Steering Committee.

Back row, L-R: Farrah, Nikki, Heidi U, Luanne, Harrison


Front row, L-R: Flo, Heidi D, Heidi C-H, Eugene, Melissa

Not pictured: Kristina, Suzi

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