Historically, SDIC general meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the even months (e.g. Feb, Apr, June) starting at 12:30 PM. Service Delivery (clinical immunization updates) and then SDIR Users Group (San Diego Immunization Registry updates) follow the SDIC portion, ending at 3 PM.

Due to COVID-19 response, no physical meetings will be held indefinitely. All meetings will be remote. Please monitor your emails, the home page, and this page for information on meeting topics and how to join.



Wed, August 26, 2020 from 12 noon - 1 PM 

The San Diego Immunization Coalition presents a summer webinar series to help local providers and partners bridge information between immunizations and the challenges of COVID-19.

The first event will be a peer-led presentation on Wed, July 29 on Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine with Updates on Top Candidates. All webinars will be held from noon to 1 PM and will require attendees to have a Zoom account.

Enter Meeting ID number: 932 3931 5543 or Registration Link Here​


Public Health Medical Officer

Immunization Branch, California Department of Public Health



Epidemiology/Bioterrorism Public Health Nurse Supervisor 
Public Health Services, Public Health Preparedness and Response Branch
County of San Diego 


In the past two months, we first covered the importance of continuing childhood vaccinations during COVID-19, followed by a review of the science and technologies behind the various types of COVID-19 vaccines under research and human trials. We will conclude the dialogue by discussing considerations for implementing COVID-19 mass vaccinations.

Please note that because there is not yet a coronavirus vaccine approved in the United States, there is currently no official, specific guidance to implement COVID-19 mass vaccinations. However, there are high level considerations we can prepare for now. We will provide recent updates and general information provided by CDC.

In addition, because COVID-19 will impact this flu season, we will provide information and further considerations for preparing for and implementing influenza vaccine mass vaccination. 


  • Provide information how organizations can prepare for COVID-19 vaccination

  • Review recommendations for the upcoming flu season and potential synergies with COVID-19 vaccination strategies

  • Describe the unique landscape of the 20-21 flu season under COVID-19 

  • Share local national, state, and local resources for 20-21 flu season and mass vaccinations

This presentation is intended to provide an unbiased review of all COVID-19 vaccine types, though some manufacturers may be mentioned by name to identify those that are furthest along clinical trials.


LOCATION: Public Health Complex


3851 Rosecrans Street

San Diego, CA 92110

San Diego Room



If you have information to share or would like to be considered as a guest presenter about immunization-related topics, please email  Eugene.Beronilla@sdcounty.ca.gov.


2019 continued to see a growth from an average of 58 people per meeting in 2018 to 64 per meeting in 2019. 

2018 SDIC Members with Perfect Attendance (5/5 Meetings)
  • Eugene Beronilla, UCSD/HHSA - San Diego Immunization Program

  • Jessica Ellzey, Family Health Centers of San Diego

  • Zual Infante, Vista Community Clinic

  • Ruth Kirby, Mountain Health

  • Adrienne Lenhoff, SD Unified School District

  • Albert Lopez, UCSD/HHSA - San Diego Immunization Program

  • Monica Lopez, County of San Diego HHSA - San Diego Immunization Program

  • Martha Magos, North Inland Public Health

  • Sofia Velarde, UCSD/HHSA - San Diego Immunization Program

  • Karina Yanez, Vista Community Clinic

  • Wendy A, SD Family Care

  • Martha C, North Inland Public Health

  • Leslie C, Imperial Beach Community Clinic

  • Gabriela C, Vista Community Clinic

  • Masha D, County of San Diego HHSA

  • Tamara H, Neighborhood Healthcare

  • Nikki W, Borrego Health 

  • Patricia N, UCSD/HHSA - San Diego Immunization Program

  • Cassie O, UCSD/HHSA - San Diego Immunization Program

  • Erik S, California Dept of Public Health

  • Greta S, Sanofi Pasteur

2018 SDIC Members with High Attendance (4/5 Meetings)




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