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IZ Up-to-date coverage maps

See the percent of students that are up-to-date (UTD) on their vaccines in Childcare, TK/Kindergarten, 1st, 7th, & 8th grade within the County of San Diego. This data is from the 2021-2022 Annual Immunization Report for childcare and schools.

Click on the tab to open the map of the grade level you would like to view. Feel free to enter your zip code in the search bar to view coverage in facilities and schools near you!

21-22 Childcare IZ Coverage.PNG
21-22 Kinder IZ Coverage.PNG
21-22 1st Grade IZ Coverage.PNG
21-22 7th Grade IZ Coverage.PNG
21-22 8th Grade IZ Coverage.PNG

Childcare/pre-k IZ coverage

Childcare/Pre-K Iz Coverage

tk/kindergarten iz coverage

TK/Kinder Iz Coverage

1st grade iz coverage

1st Grade Iz Coverage

7th grade iz coverage

7th Grade Iz Coverage

8th grade iz coverage

8th Grade Iz Coverage
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